Boardroom to Battlefield

The mission of Boardroom to Battlefield is to provide a unique venue for leadership training and development to small companies and corporate 100 and 500 executives using direct applicability of the lessons in leadership from historical battlefields to the corporate environment of today. We offer HR executives new opportunities to further hone senior managers’ skills. Our philosophy is to provide a first class, “Military War College”, type event that can’t be found or matched by competitors. We do this with a professional staff that takes care of the client from the moment they arrive at an incoming airport until the moment they leave. It is also done using renowned historians and former senior military leaders that work exclusively with our company.

The battlefields are alive today in that they teach lessons to us all. Technology, demographics and politics may influence how wars are fought to some degree, but all wars share the same characteristics that Soldiers and civilians alike must understand if they are to make informed judgments about the nature and character of today’s and tomorrow’s conflicts. The battlefield also teaches you timeless lessons about the human dimensions of conflict. War is the most complex of all human endeavors and the fear of violent death and the burden that comes with leading men to their death heightens and illuminates how leaders and led relate to each other in time of crises.

We will meet with you to understand your approach to leadership and your priorities for developing your team then we review with you what issues you want to address… change management, communication, execution of strategy, delivering more from less, decision–making under pressure, then we show you how Boardroom to Battlefield will address your leadership challenges, on a field of battle, using strategies to improve your team’s business performance

Our Staff Rides are more than just a battlefield tour. The battlefield is a metaphor for the world of today and tomorrow, whether the context is military, corporate, cultural or personal.



  • Colonel (Ret) Jack H. Pryor


  • Gregory Lindsey


Colonel (Ret) Jack H. Pryor


Chief Executive Officer Retired Colonel Jack H. Pryor, a distinguished combat veteran, has 35 years of experience in the US Military, education and senior management positions in industry and international business. Prior to founding The American Land Forces Institute and he was the co-founder and principal of Colgen LP, a defense and security consulting firm. He served in recent years as the President of a major international energy firm’s Latin American subsidiary.
Mr. Pryor previously directed US drug control policies in Latin America as the Director of Counter-narcotics of the USSOUTHCOM. During his tenure as President of the US Army Management Engineering College, he served on the US Presidential Blue Ribbon Panel for Educational Reform. Mr. Pryor is considered one of the US Army’s preeminent trainers, and was involved in the establishment of the US Combat Training Centers for heavy maneuver, Light Infantry and SOF units. Additionally, he served as the Operations Officer and as the Senior OC for Light Forces at the National Training Center. Following the invasion of Panama, Mr. Pryor was invited to advise the President of Panama, his two Vice Presidents and key cabinet ministers on that nation’s national reconstruction strategy and its implementation. He effectively bridged communications between the Government of Panama and the US diplomatic and military missions. Subsequent to his retirement from the military, he assumed senior executive duties in several US commercial firms and provided consulting to senior government officials in four Latin American nations.

Mr. Pryor’s experience in education has spanned several decades. He holds three Master’s degrees including: National Defense & Strategic Studies, Educational Administration and Secondary Education. He has taught at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the Southern Oregon State University and participated in Senior Executive Management Seminars at Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, Tufts and Duke Universities.

Gregory Lindsey


Greg Lindsey is Chief Operating Officer for Boardroom to Battlefield. He has a distinguished military and civilian career training and leading the operations of organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad. He has leadership and management experience with over 26 years in the defense industry including US Army Ranger and Infantry Units. He brings a unique experience having served as both enlisted and a commissioned officer during his military career.
Greg has a mix of combat experience, operational planning, training, and peace enforcement operations, serving on multi-discipline teams during his military career beginning with Operations in Panama in 1989 through the current conflict in Afghanistan. He has experience working with non-DoD agencies including US State Dept., International Red Cross, the U.N., and NATO forces. He is a veteran of Operation Just Cause (Panama), Desert Storm (Iraq), Uphold Democracy (Haiti), Operation Joint Guardian (Kosovo), and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). Since his retirement from active duty he has served as an operational planner for US Special Operations Command and in leadership positions in the private sector. He brings experience from multiple facets of the defense industry, contributing knowledge and expertise on the nature and character of leadership during conflict. He contributes to Boardroom to Battlefield’s ability to work with corporations and private Industry in many areas including strategic planning, leadership development, team building, business development and education and training.

Greg’s educational background includes an MBA from the University of Tampa and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from St. Leo University. He is a graduate of the Tampa Bay Public Leadership Institute and numerous management and leadership training programs throughout his military career. He sits on the Board of Advisors for the American Land Forces Institute, is on the Board of Directors for youth baseball in Tampa, FL and the Board of Advisors for the National League of Junior Cotillions, Tampa Chapter.