Private Corporate Staff Rides

The battlefields are alive today in that they teach lessons to us all. Boardroom to Battlefield can design a unique learning experience for your corporate staff at several different locations. Ride horseback along Custer’s route through Medicine Tail Coulee, retrace the steps of Pickett’s famous charge, or visit the hallowed ground of Normandy, France. These are a few examples of venues that we offer. Here we can understand the immutable lessons of war. Technology, demographics and politics may influence how wars are fought to some degree. But all wars share the same characteristics that soldiers and civilians alike must understand if they are to make informed judgments about the nature and character of conflicts and critical decision making.

The battlefield also teaches us timeless lessons about the human dimensions of conflict. War is the most complex of all human endeavors and the fear of violent death and the burden that comes with leading men to their death heightens and illuminates how leaders and led relate to each other in time of crises.

This is a staff ride, not a battlefield tour.

The battlefield is simply a metaphorical experience, an intellectual vessel that you must use to understand how human beings act in time of crises. You must filter what you see here through the lens of your own experiences. We will help you look inwardly and reflect on how what was done here influences your own life and times. If you leave any of our rides with a renewed awareness of the human condition then you will understand why soldiers study and revere these very sacred grounds.

Members of our team will meet and collaborate with you and your organization to customize and tailor the offerings to meet your organization goals and objectives to guarantee the maximum return on your investment. Examples could be to 1) focus on a particularly important aspect of the company, 2) invest in leadership development at a specific management level, or 3) explore leadership issues relevant to the entire corporation.
The process begins several weeks before the event when each member of your team receives a read ahead packet that includes a battlefield booklet with map boards to begin their own study of the battle.

Our ride will examine leadership from both the Government and Military perspective during the months and weeks leading up to the battle. You will learn from former senior Military Officers and Boardroom to Battlefield personnel who are all combat veterans with extensive knowledge of history, tactics and battlefield leadership.

Seminar Staff Rides

The corporate seminar offered by Boardroom to Battlefield is a similar learning event as our private executive staff ride except it allows several corporations to send individual leaders to the training event. This allows flexibility for our clients by allowing them to send one or two key leaders, rather than trying to find time on a corporate calendar when an entire staff could be away for an event. These seminars allow clients to send different leaders within their company to training several times throughout the year and also provides them with peer to peer networking with other corporate leaders. We have events scheduled throughout the year at various locations.